Allrunning - an application that applied Game-Fi and Social-Fi aspects.
Allrunning DAO
Allrunning DAO is built around the activities: walking and jogging - together every day, which is essential for everyone.
Users can equip themselves with NFT items which are divided in forms of: - Shoes - Sportwears - Glasses ... and other accessories, etc.
Users can earn valuable tokens in the game as well as trade them for profit by walking, jogging, and running outside.
Allrunning DAO, which includes a Game-Fi component, aims to motivate millions of people to live healthier lifestyles, to fight the climate change, and connect people through Web 3.0 networks, while also utilizing the App's Social-Fi component to promote user-generated Web 3.0 content.
Run Together related Token: In-game Token: SHOES
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