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Allrunning - an application that applied Game-Fi and Social-Fi aspects.
Users equip NFT items that allow them to earn Tokens, simply by moving - and make use of Hydro to earn SHOES. Each 1 Hydro equals 5 minutes of movement, and Hydro only begins to replenish after the user obtains the NFT items.
To begin, you need to equip a pair of Shoes, and press the Start button. Then you will see a status on the top of the screen showing Walking or Running status.
Ice-walking: Indicates whether the app detects a weak GPS/Internet signal or whether the user is not moving spontaneously (i.e. using a motorcycle, tram, or phone with a strap on their pet). There will be no RUN during Ice-walk, and depending on the circumstances, users may lose their Hydro.
GPS Signal: Grey - Offline; Red - Poor GPS Signal; Green - Good GPS Signal
Always ensure that you have enough Hydro before moving, as there will be no earning if you don't have any.
RUN will be rewarded for each minute of movement based on three factors:
  1. 1.
    Type of Shoes - The base amount of RUN that comes from each Shoes are different.
  2. 2.
    Shoes' Attribute: Efficiency - The greater the efficiency, the greater the RUN earned per minute.
  3. 3.
    Movement Speed - Users should stay within the optimal speed range of their respective Shoes to maximize earnings. When a user falls below or above this range, their earnings are reduced by up to 95%, depending on the speed difference from the optimal range.
You stop earning tokens once their Hydro is depleted. Then, you can exit Solo Mode manually by pressing the Stop button.

Mystery Boxes

While moving, Mystery Boxes are dropped at random. Each player has four Mystery Box slots.
The Mystery Box, has five types which opens to 1 of 4 types of Sneakers or a type of opening an Accessory. Opening the Mystery Box after receiving it necessitates a waiting time.

Solo Mode and Together Mode

Users can choose between two modes: running alone or running with friends via an invitation link that invites everyone to join you.
The rate of dropping Mystery Boxes and the number of RUN earned per user will be higher in running mode with friends than in single running mode, and the more people you run with, the higher this ratio will be.
You can choose to run in a party of 2, 4, 6 or more people and send an invitation link for them to join.

Marathon Tournament

Users in Tournament mode must register at least 24 hours before the start of the weekly and monthly tournaments.
Weekly Tournament - Runs for the entire week. The user can choose to participate in a 2.5km, 5km, or 7.5km Marathon, but only one Marathon can be joined at a time.
Monthly Tournament - Held once a month for an entire month. Users can choose between the 5km, 10km, and 15km Marathons, but they can only participate in one Marathon at a time.
Only users who have successfully registered will receive Mission Log notifications. You can track your progress by using the Goal Setting function. Until the Marathon is over, you will be unable to repair Shoes.
Registration Fee: The registration fee will be refunded once the Marathon has been completed. Participants who are unable to complete the Marathon within the time limit will have their fees combined and counted toward the Leaderboard reward.
Leaderboard: Points are used to rank marathon participants. Points are counted based on the user's running speed and the Shoe's Attributes.
Reward: You can earn RUN and also a Bronze/Silver/Gold Marathon NFT badge based on your percent position on the leaderboard.
All participants in the Marathon will be given an NFT Participation Badge.

1 vs 1 Challenging Mode

2 players will organize a race against each other and stake a small amount, with the winner receiving the money they will win for their bet. They will set a distance and time limit for completion, and the person who completes the goal first will win.

Trainer Mode

To become a Trainer, users must complete certain quotas and medals. The Trainer's job is to teach other users how to maximize their RUN earnings every day while also becoming more efficient.
You must pay if you require the services of a Trainer.

Background Mode

Even if Allrunning App is not actively used, users can still earn ARUN, As long as the user maintains their Shoes in the app. Background mode counts steps directly from the Health app on their mobile device, with a daily limit of 3000 steps. These earnings are fixed (unaffected by performance or other incentives) and do not count toward the daily RUN limit.
Background Mode will not have any Endurance or Water costs for the user to monetize.
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